New Year Resolutions With Heart Creates More Joy

It’s January 1st and we’ve just entered a new year.

A time when many people are about to commit to New Years resolutions… Or at least try.

What about you?

Have you been reflecting on what’s important for you in the year ahead?

What will your resolutions be? What are your goals and dreams?

Or, are you a little scared to commit to something because you know in the past you’ve let it drop after a couple of months, or perhaps after only a few weeks into the new year?

This is common!

And there’s something worth reflecting on here.

If you’re resolution is not aligned with your heart, then why would you do it?

It might sound like a great idea at the time because you think that’s what you want, but then you drop it because it was only a nice idea… meaning it’s just in your head.

Fulfillment and Joy

You know when you do something, and you feel a sense of joy and fulfillment afterwards… Maybe it’s having a deep and meaningful conversation with someone, taking time to do that creative project you’ve always talked about, travelling to that distant place you’ve been dreaming about, or perhaps studying something simply because you love the subject.

That sense of joy and fulfillment are expressions of your heart. It feels good because there was an alignment with your heart.

Your heart called you… and you answered!

Think of the last time you felt this.

What if this year, you chose something that comes from your heart?

What if, instead of trying to “figure out” what you should do from the limitations of your usual thinking mind, you listened to your heart? What would it tell you? What would it call you towards?

Lead From Your Heart

I’m serious… If your heart was directing your life, what would you do?

Take some time to sit quietly and listen.

If this is challenging for you because your mind is too noisy or you just haven’t taken time to get to know your heart, what if your resolution for the new year was to become more sensitive to the wisdom of your heart?

My dad used to use the expression, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

This new year is the first year of the rest of your life.

If you think of resolutions for the new year as creating a momentum into the rest of your life, then think of you heart as the compass that will help you navigate in the right direction.

The First Step

You can’t listen to the wisdom of your heart when your mind is full of noise.

One of the most valuable things you can do is learn to quiet your mind…. Because your heart does speak to you. It’s wisdom is always there, it’s part of your essence, but when your mind is full of thoughts, reactive emotions, dramas and stories you simply don’t hear it.

When you turn down the overwhelming noise of your mind you’ll naturally start to become more attuned to your heart. Not necessarily in words, but in an inner knowing, wisdom and joy.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” – Lau Tzu