How Wonder Can Open And Inspire Your Heart

Snow, mountains and trees inspire a sense of wonder.

I love the snow!

Walking in the snow among the white trees with snow gently falling from the sky inspires a feeling of wonder in me. Snow brings a sense of purity, peace, stillness and quiet… and a feeling of magic in the air.

It’s been snowing a lot recently, and it’s got my heart inspired with wonder, so I wanted to talk a little about this important quality that ignites the heart.

Do you remember when you were young, and you believed in magic?

Maybe you still do?

There’s a sense of wonder and curiosity around the idea of magic.

When I say magic, I’m talking about that “something” you feel that exists just beyond the reach of your logical and rational mind.

Our usual thinking mind can try to make sense of it, but it’s not a thought… It’s a feeling. It’s an experience.

Our mind will try to put a story to it or describe it in some way, but it’s only when we can drop out of our head and into our heart that we really start to feel the magic inside us.

We feel it inside us because we’re part of it.

There’s an aliveness in the creation that we can only know through our heart… and the sense of wonder helps us connect to this magic and aliveness.

When you were a young child and not burdened by the conditioning of adulthood just yet, your sense of wonder and curiosity was alive and strong, and a source of joy.

I want you to remember a time you felt a sense of wonder. Maybe it was when you were a child, maybe it was just yesterday. Perhaps it was like me last night watching the snow fall. It doesn’t matter what it was, what matters is the sense of wonder it ignites.

Don’t just remember it… Feel it.

How does it make you feel?

Do you feel lighter or more open?

Does it bring a smile to your face?

Do you feel more joy and vitality?

How does it effect your stress levels?

How does it change your mood?

Now pause. Don’t read ahead before you take a few moments to feel this.

It’s important!

While reading these words might bring some inspiration for you, it’s not what you read that will bring any kind of inner transformation or open your heart, it’s what you experience inside yourself that does this!

That’s the power of your mind to change how you feel.

The state of wonder happens at a different level to your usual thinking mind with all it’s thoughts, stories and dramas. So, when you’re in a state of wonder it will naturally shift you out of negative thoughts and reactionary emotions, to a state of inspiration and enthusiasm.

Wonder is like a pathway directly into your heart, and you can use it anytime to lift your spirit or simply just feel more peace and joy.

Start to become more curious about life

What are the things that ignite a sense of wonder in your heart?

It is snow, mountains, the ocean, the stars, the way a flower unfolds itself when it blooms, watching a bird fly, sandcastles, or the way grief can be so painful and yet lead directly into the heart.

Your sense of wonder can be ignited anywhere with anything.

Because magic is real!

Remember, magic is that “something” that exists just beyond the reach of your rational mind. Your inner child knows exactly what I mean.

My purpose and vision with the Peacekeeper Project is to help make the world a more peaceful and connected place. This will be possible only when more people learn to live from their heart.

So, this is what I do – help people live from their heart… and I share this with you today because using the sense of wonder is a way to help you do just that!

Follow your sense of wonder and ignite your heart.

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