The Peacekeeper Project

The Peacekeeper Project was created out of an aspiration for humanity. The primary impulse behind this being, that if we want to create peace in the world we must know what peace is. Beyond just an idea or concept. To know peace from the inside.

The idea of peace and the experience of it are two very different things. Much like the idea or description of chocolate, is very different to the actual experience of tasting it. One is theoretical and one is a knowing.

The Peacekeeper Project is not about saying what is right or wrong. It is not about justifying a belief or giving you a new belief system altogether. It is about shifting the very standpoint of consciousness through which we approach life and the world around us.

The ordinary mind, with all its non-stop chatter, thoughts and dramas, lacks integrity. When we reside in this state of consciousness we are disconnected, lack clarity, peace and true purpose.

When we silence the mind, and overcome charged emotions, limiting believe systems and insecurities, we experience unconditional inner peace and clarity. This naturally changes the way we live and act. As a result, our words, choices and actions will be grounded in integrity, Heart and connection, creating ripples through the world around you.


What is a Peacekeeper

We often think of a peacekeeper as someone outside of our self who has a specific job to do, protecting the peace. The Peacekeeper Project is redefining this. Being a peacekeeper is more a choice and responsibility in how we live and available to all. Conflict and war in the world is a reflection of the conflict and war inside our selves, and to create more peace in the world we must know what peace is. Not just an idea, but an actual experience of peace.

There is stillness, peace and clarity in the background of all experiences, however we often miss it because our mind is to chaotic and emotional to feel it. When we maintain a state of peace inside our self, it impacts our words, actions and interactions, ultimately having an effect on friends, family and community.


A Peacekeeper is someone who:
  • Realizes they are part of something greater than themselves (humanity) and desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others.
  • Realizes their outward actions are a result of their inner state of mind, and therefore strives to maintain the integrity of their words and actions.
  • Seeks peace from the inside rather than just an idea.
  • Seeks understanding and truth rather than conflict and trying to prove a pre-held belief.


Quiet the mind. Live from the Heart