Hi, I’m Ben,

Thank you for finding your way here!

I’m a meditation and mindfulness teacher, nature lover, a curious and heart centered human being with a vision – the Peacekeeper Project.

My mission (and that of the Peacekeeper Project) is to create a more peaceful and connected world by helping people just like you quiet your busy mind, so you can live from your Heart.

I believe stillness and sensitivity are superpowers available to everyone, and essential life skills for navigating this busy modern world grounded in peace, connection and heart.

Living From Your Heart in the age of stress and distraction

We’re living at a time when the ability to quiet the mind is needed now more than ever!

Our awareness is constantly being pulled outward into the external world and we’re becoming disconnected from our heart and the people we care about.

In a state of disconnection we feel alone, anxious and overwhelmed.

The Solution

A turning inwards, finding stillness and awakening to your heart.

You have the inner resources and wisdom to navigate this modern world with peace, joy and connection.

My story

Growing up as a sensitive introvert I never really felt like the world was a safe place. Feeling so much was unsettling and confusing, especially when I didn’t realize that often what I was feeling wasn’t even me.

School was challenging… I loved learning but found it hard being around so many people. If I could have had a superpower, it would’ve been invisibility.

I always had a deep sense of curiosity and an aspiration to understand the nature of things like the mind, consciousness, nature, life, and the mysteries that existed beyond my “normal” perception.

This led me on a journey into many fields of study over the last 20 years, from massage, movement training and a variety of healing modalities to exploring consciousness through meditation, mindfulness, IST (Inner Space Techniques) and yoga.

Since 2001 meditation has been the foundation of my continued inner growth. Combined with deep self exploration I realized that sensitivity was never my problem. My problem was my relationship to my sensitivity.

My sensitivity was overwhelming because my mind was too busy and noisy – it lacked stillness and stability – which meant I felt pulled in all directions.

From the outside, I was “the quiet one” because I didn’t talk much (a natural trait of an introvert), which is not good or bad, but the important realization I had was that being quiet and having a quiet mind are not the same thing.

This was big!

As I continued to journey within, exploring my mind, my emotions, fears and habitual patterns of behaviour, I started to experience a growing inner stillness!… and with stillness came stability.

I wasn’t trying to “fix” my sensitivity, but a welcomed result of the stillness,  was that it stopped being overwhelming… Instead, it became a heart opening experience to feel so much.

Sensitivity without stillness was overwhelming.

Sensitivity with stillness is an opening to life.

This helped me to see humanity from a broader perspective, and the part we all play in the world.

Through the work I’ve done on myself and working with students one on one and in groups I had a major realization – the world will never be free of conflict, pain and war so long as people continue to live with inner turmoil and conflict.

This was more than a mental understanding… It was an inner realization and understanding of the principles of the mind that apply to us all.

This inspired me to create the Peacekeeper Project.


I offer meditation and mindfulness training to help you get out of your head and in your heart.


Living from your heart, with a deep sense of stillness and peace – regardless of what life throws at you.

You can learn to do this!

What if by doing that you made in impact in the lives of others?

You will!

When you ground peace inside yourself, you stop adding to the conflict and turmoil in the world. Every interaction you have will be an opportunity to make a difference.

When you know peace inside, you can hold it for someone else.


The Peacekeeper Project

The Peacekeeper Project is founded on the principle that if we want to create more peace in the world we must know what peace is.

But the idea is not enough!

To make a difference we must now peace from the inside.

The idea of peace and the experience of it are two very different things. The first is a nice idea, while the other is an inner knowing base on direct experience that has the potential to change the world – and transform you along the way.

When your mind is full of non-stop chatter, emotions, stories and dramas, you’re continually filtering your life experiences, creating stress and anxiety, while projecting your inner world outward onto other people and things, creating a “you vs me” mentality. The result is conflict.

When you connect to the stillness and peace inside yourself your actions and words will come from a space of peace… Not just the idea of what you “think” you should do.

Your actions and words become grounded in heart.

You seek understanding and truth rather than conflict.

You create ripples through the lives of the people around you.

This is how you and I will make the world a more peaceful and connect place.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

Lau Tzu

What is a Peacekeeper?

We often think of a peacekeeper as someone outside of our self… Someone “out there” we give the job to of maintaining peace in the world.

This is flawed!

Conflict and turmoil in the world is a reflection of the conflict and turmoil in ourselves.

We can’t expect someone else to take care of the peace in the world… It’s time for us to step up and take responsibility for our actions and the impact they have in the world around us.


The essence of a Peacekeeper is PEACE.

When you become sensitive to the peace in your heart, you become a Peacekeeper, and you’ll naturally think bigger than yourself and want to make a difference in the world.

When you maintain a state of peace inside yourself, it impacts your words, actions and interactions, ultimately having an effect on friends, family and community.

A Peacekeeper is someone who holds a higher standard for humanity.

Defining a Peacekeeper?

A Peacekeeper is someone who:

  • Seeks peace from the inside rather than just an idea.
  • Seeks understanding and truth rather than conflict and trying to prove a pre-held belief.
  • Realizes they’re part of something greater than themselves (humanity) and desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others.
  • Realizes their outward actions are a result of their inner state of mind, and so strive to maintain the integrity of their words and actions.



Take some time to explore this website and my various offerings.

As you explore don’t just read… Feel it.

What part of you does this speak to?

If you’d like to get a deeper sense of me and the Peacekeeper Project go ahead and download a Free Guided Meditation, join a Free Live Meditation, or enrol for my Free Intro to Meditation online course.

If you want to just dive right in, Finding Stillness is my 21 day comprehensive immersion into meditation, mindfulness and living from the heart.

This is not only about learning to quiet your mind, stabilize your sensitivity or connect to your heart… Yes, those are essential life skills for this modern world, but this is also about realizing you’re part of something greater than yourself.

The world needs you to live from your heart.

I’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

In Peace,

Ben Fizell