Ben Fizell

Thank you for finding your way to the Peacekeeper Project

My aspiration and curiosity for consciousness and healing has led me into many fields of study, from massage, movement training and a variety of healing modalities to exploring consciousness through meditation, IST (Inner Space Techniques), yoga and inner alchemy.

I’ve been in the wellness industry since 1999, and and taught in Canada, America, and Australia.

Since 2001 meditation has been the foundation of my continued inner growth. I’ve engaged in many silent meditation retreats, and in 2008 spent 3 months in full time intensive practices in Thailand, while at the same time immersing in a 500 hour yoga teacher training. In 2013, feeling the need for more depth, I again dove into full time intensive meditation practices for 5 months in Northern California.

With over 17 years of dedicated personal meditation practice, as well as working with individuals one-on-one and in groups, I’ve developed a very intuitive and effective approach to teaching meditation and mindfulness, through both in-person and online courses.

I was born and raised by the beaches of Sydney, Australia, and now live by the mountains of North Vancouver, Canada.

My Why

I had understood for a long time that what we see happening in the world is a direct reflection of what is going on inside ourselves. However, in the Spring of 2016 my experience of cause and effect was so tangible that my previous “understanding” seemed superficial by contrast. My deep realization that the world would never be free of conflict, pain and war so long as individuals continue to live with inner turmoil and conflict, inspired me to create the Peacekeeper Project.

I teach people how to quiet their mind. By quietening our mind we shift out of the chaos and stress of emotional reactions, dramas and limiting belief systems, to instead live life with clarity, calm, happiness and greater connection. I believe we are living in a time when the ability to quiet the mind is needed now more than ever.

I realized the question is not whether we can impact the people around us… we already do! The question is how do we want to impact those around us? Our actions will be very different depending our state of mind… calm and clear versus emotionally reactive. Learning to quiet our mind means we have a choice.

We are part of something greater than our self.

My vision

A world in which people’s choices, words and actions are based in a space of integrity, Truth and heart, creating ripples throughout, our families, friends, communities and humanity at large. To create a world in which we all thrive, every individual must realize their own contribution and take responsibility for their actions, letting go of charged emotions, limiting belief systems and insecurities and stepping into the integrity of who we truly are.

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