Drop out of your head, and into your heart.


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The Peacekeeper Project is dedicated to uplifting humanity by helping people quiet their busy mind, so they can live from the heart.

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The Heart of a Peacekeeper

Join a small group of committed and like-minded people on a deep journey into the stillness, clarity and power of the heart.

Personal transformation based on a greater vision of humanity

The world desperately needs more people who can live and act from the heart!

The Peacekeeper Project is dedicated to the uplifting of humanity by helping people just like you quiet your busy mind, so you can live from your heart.

When you connect to the peace inside yourself, you also help anchor it here and now for the rest of humanity.

Like a room full of candles joining their light to light up a dark room… a peaceful and connected world is a joint effort.


The Vision

A world in which people realize the power of their words and actions to impact the people around them, and make a conscious choice to live and act with Heart.

To create a world in which we all thrive, we must all realize our impact on others and take responsibility for our actions.

When we move beyond the charged emotions, limiting belief systems and insecurities that creates stress and anxiety, we not only dramatically improve our own life, but we’re further capable of being more and giving more to our family, friends, workmates and strangers.

We can shift from a “me vs you” mentality to a greater sense of “us”.

The result will be a more peaceful and connected world.

You’re being called forward

I know your heart hears me!

The world needs you to move beyond the limits and fears that hold you back from expressing who you truly are.

“We can never make peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves”
– Dalai Lama

Live Meditations – Free

Wednesdays, 7am Pacific Time

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Free Meditation Course

A simple and easy to understand introduction to meditation and the Peacekeeper Project’s Heart Space meditation.


Guided Meditations – Free

A collection of guided meditations, by Ben Fizell – Founder of the Peacekeeper Project


Finding Stillness

A comprehensive 21 day meditation and mindfulness online course in living from your heart.

The Power Of Sensitivity

This course is a deep journey into understanding and embracing the the power of sensitivity.

Private Training

Receive personalized training tailored to you.
Online or in person.



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