A Peaceful World Is A Joint Effort


You’re in a dark room.
So dark you can’t see anything.
You light a single candle.
It brings some light to the room.
It’s still dark but now you can see.
You light another candle… and another.
You keep lighting candles around the room.
Every small flame adds a little more light.

Standing there in the room now flooded with light, you feel it all around you.
But you could never separate the light to distinguish one candle’s light from another.

The light filling the room is one!

Like each flame anchoring light into the room, the flame in your heart anchors peace, here and now, in the world, for the rest of humanity.
And, just like the candles in the room, you’re not alone!
You’re part of something greater than yourself.

A peaceful world is a joint effort.
A combined aspiration of the heart.

Quiet your mind.
Remember stillness.
Your heart knows it well.
The nurturing and unwavering source of Life.

Hear the call!

Ignite the flame of your heart.
Anchor peace here and now.

The world needs you.

A peaceful world is a joint effort.
A combined aspiration of the heart.


The Vision of the Peacekeeper Project

Let’s create a more peaceful and connected world.


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