Winter Solstice And The Rich Energy Of The Longest Night

Moon over snowy mountains at night

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere we’re entering the most internalized time of year. Monday December 21st is the shortest day of the year and the winter solstice.

It’s interesting how we usually refer to solstices by the length of the day – the longest day for the summer solstice, and the shortest day for the winter solstice.

Why is it that we don’t usually talk about it in terms of night?

Winter solstice being the longest night of the year.

I believe it’s because most people associate their life with daytime. Which is quite natural, because most of our consciously active life happens during the day. It’s when we “do” more stuff.

It’s a reflection of our relationship to the cycle of day and night. Or more accurately, it reflects our under-developed relationship to the very special energy of the night.

This is not about how much time we spend awake at night, and I’m in no way suggesting we should reorganize our life to sleep more during the day so we can be awake at night.

This is about connecting to the energy that comes with the darkness of night. Which is magnified as we come closer to the longest night.

Balance and the wisdom of nature.

Nature is in a constant cycle of externalization and internalization.

From day to night.

From summer to winter.

From full moon to new moon.

Cycles within cycles.

Mother nature expressing this beautiful flow from activity and growth to rest and rejuvenation.

During the seasonal cycle, nature expresses expansive growth and vitality in the spring, reaching to the peak of summer. Then it turns inward, becoming quiet through autumn into the deeply internalized stillness of winter… after which it explodes with expansive life again.

The cycle of both the moon and day/night express the same principle, only over a shorter time frame.

This is a reflection of nature’s incredible wisdom of balance.

Aligning with the wisdom of nature.

Take a few moments to reflect on the cycle of day and night that you’re so familiar with. You’ve gone through it every day of your life.

Feel how the energy of day supports your energy to be active and engaged. Then feel how the energy of night supports your energy to rest and rejuvenate.

I really mean it, take a few moments to reflect on this.

Don’t read on too quickly and miss this vital piece.

Nature is always there in the background offering her support. Whether we accept and receive that support is up to us.

It’s easy to understand this from a purely mental perspective and miss the transformative potential that comes with understanding it from the inside. Meaning to feel it. When we feel how nature supports us with different energy during the day and night, we know we’re part of nature.

Nature is alive inside us. It’s wisdom flows through us.

Our body, our energy, our consciousness and our heart respond to nature.

Just because our mind might be distracted by the stress, uncertainty and dramas of life doesn’t mean this wisdom isn’t there… it’s more that we’ve forgotten how to connect with it.

Our little insecure egos think they know better, but trying to out-think nature only leads us to become more disconnected from her, and ultimately our self, our family and friends, and humanity at large, which can make us feel isolated and alone.

So, taking a few moments to feel how mother nature supports us, helps us reconnect to her wisdom.

The same wisdom that flows through us.

When we feel more connected to her, we feel more connected to our heart, each other and humanity.

It’s a win win!

Winter Solstice: The longest night.

So, let’s come back to the solstice.

The winter solstice is a rich time to align with the wisdom of nature, turn inwards and reconnect to the stillness inside us.

The stillness inside us that knows how to rest, rejuvenate and heal.

The stillness inside that is the source of vitality and life.

In this week leading up to the solstice, take time to sit quietly, reflect, meditate, and connect to the stillness inside. Feel the stillness of mother nature supporting you unconditionally.

Feel her stillness, and let it resonate with your heart.

What does your heart call you towards?

What are your aspirations for the year ahead? … and beyond?

The winter solstice is a time of maximum internalization and stillness, out of which life abundantly expands.

This is an opportunity to plant your aspirations in the fertile stillness of the solstice.

You’re invited to join us this for a Free Live Online Solstice Meditation.

This meditation will be about turning inwards, connecting to the stillness and wisdom of your heart, while aligning your aspirations with the profound force of mother nature’s beautiful transition.

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