Why Spring Is The Best Time To Feel Your Aspirations And Set Intentions

Budding flower on branch

There are a few different times of the year that really stand out for setting intentions for the future. New Years and birthdays are good ones, but I really like the spring. Or more specifically the time around the spring equinox.

Since we just stepped into spring, we’re still in this very precious time.

I really like the transitional energy of spring as a time for setting intentions because there’s something so fertile and alive about this time of year.

You can feel it right?

This vitality and vibrancy emerging from the earth.

New life.

New beginnings.

Remember, we’re part of nature. The body we live in is made of nature. We don’t exist independently of it. So, the natural cycles of the earth are alive inside us… A vibrant life of well-being comes when we understand the intelligence of nature is within us and choose to align with it.

This fertility of spring is the same fertility that will bring our intentions and aspirations to life.

Like planting seeds in the earth during spring, we can plant seeds of intentions or aspirations for our future.

Intentions, Aspirations and Meaning

When we talk about setting intentions, it’s more than deciding you want French toast for breakfast. Setting an intention is really about aspiring for something meaningful.

So, when you consider setting intentions for your future, what would be meaningful to you?

What do you aspire for?

What does your heart call you towards?

An important foundation for setting intentions is clarity on what you want. Once you know this, then it’s more about feeling the wanting and the aspiration.

Maybe you’re already clear on what you aspire for. Maybe you’re not sure. Or maybe you’re afraid to acknowledge it.

At some level, we usually know what we want, but we don’t always allow our self to acknowledge it. This is important because if we don’t acknowledge it then we’ll never aspire for it… and it’s the aspiration that contains the fire to bring itself life.

But sometimes we refrain from acknowledging the things we want, and therefore our aspirations, for fear of what it might mean.


We might have to change a behaviour or habit like, eating too much sugar, watching too much TV, drinking alcohol, smoking, complaining or negative self talk. We might even have to change the people we spend time with.

We’re more intelligent than we often realize, because we can have a quiet aspiration for a better life, but in the same aspiration we know what we need to do to achieve it. And this creates a conflict between the perceived safety of our current familiar sense of self and stepping into the perceived unknown of our future self.

To get a better understanding of why this can be so uncomfortable please take some time to watch this video I previously created – Understanding Change: Why It Can Feel Uncomfortable And Painful At Times

Comfort vs Fulfillment

One of the reasons we stay stuck where we are in life is because we’re afraid to change – so we settle for the familiar. While the familiar can have a certain comfort, it’s not fulfilling!

Not only is it not fulfilling, it can also be draining.

There’s an expression I’ve seen in various forms that reflects this:

“We often feel tired, not because we’ve done too much, but because we have done too little of the things that make us feel alive.”

What would make you feel alive?

What would light up your heart?

Right in there is an aspiration!

What is it?

Setting Intentions by Dropping Out of Your Head

To get you more in touch with it, let’s start by getting your head out of the way.

I invite you to take some time to sit quietly and drop your awareness down into your heart.

Rest here.

Start to feel the energy of spring. Feel the vibrancy of nature emerging from the earth. If you can be in nature that great too, but you can also feel it in the air. You can feel it in the warmth of the returning sun.

Can you feel it.

Feel the vibrancy of life resonating inside you.

Feel your heart responding (your sun inside).

From this place, allow your aspirations to emerge. Acknowledge them.

Let the vitality of spring feed the vitality of your aspirations.

If you feel yourself pulling away from them, or if you start having thoughts that you’re not worthy or you could never have it, just notice it… Then return your awareness back to your heart and the vibrant energy of spring.

Keep returning and feeling the vibrancy of life. Your aspirations will show themselves.

Give them your time.

Give them space to grow.

Your aspirations are part of you. Given time and energy they become your intentions… They become your guiding light to navigate the distractions and challenges of life.

In this line, setting intentions for your future is really about stepping into the part of you who aspires.

Step into your aspirations, step into your heart.

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