Time For New Beginnings. The Vitality Of Spring Has Arrived

Spring, Crocuses and new beginnings

I’ve been witnessing the first signs of spring. As the earth responds to the warmth of the returning sun (and so do I), I’ve been observing beautiful new beginnings in nature, as crocuses emerge from the earth, budding is starting on some trees and plants, and the sound of birds are returning.

The vibrancy of life is returning after the hibernation phase of winter.

Can you feel it?

New life is in the air!

Spring really is a time of new beginnings.

Just like fall starts a momentum of quietening into the stillness of winter, springtime brings a momentum of vitality and life. It happens naturally as part of the natural rhythms of nature, but how much it transforms our life is up to us.

Aligning With the Natural Rhythms of Nature

If we pay attention, we can feel that same feeling of vitality and life alive inside us. Remember, we’re intimately connected to nature, and therefore the cycles of nature, so the more we consciously feel it inside us, the more we align ourselves with this vitality of life.

Something just feels good… There’s a sense of new beginnings, a freshness of our own life force and new possibilities emerging in resonance with the spring energy.

We may not know exactly what that new possibility is just yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the feeling, because the sense of anticipation for something new is beautiful in itself – the anticipation reflects our sense of curiosity, longing and enthusiasm for the vibrancy of life.

If we nurture that feeling of life inside us (or allow life to nurture us from inside) then it will lead us into those new possibilities. Clarity can then emerge out of our connection to this vibrancy and intelligence of life. We just need to quiet our overthinking mind and align with the intelligence of life.

How do we do that?

Feel the Awakening Inside You!

Take time to feel this vitality and vibrancy of life that’s starting to awaken in nature right now. Feel the warmth of the returning sun on your skin.

As you feel the spring energy and the sun, notice the resonance happening inside you. Feel the awakening inside yourself. The awakening of your own vitality. Your sun inside. Feel the sense of curiosity, wonder, longing and enthusiasm for life happening inside you.

Feel your heart respond.

An important tip for quietening your mind: Feeling gets us out of thinking. The sensations we feel in our body and energy give the mind something to rest on and return to. It get us our of our head. As you feel your body and energy respond to the energy of the spring, can you notice your mind beginning to quiet.

Gratitude as a natural response to Life

As you feel the sun and the vibrancy of life, in nature and in yourself, also start to notice your inherent feeling of gratitude for life. It doesn’t necessarily come in words, so no need to mentalize it. If words do come, that’s ok, but it’s more the feeling of gratitude… The Feeling of being deeply touched by life.

Of being part of life.

Of participating in the mysteries of creation.

Feeling this level of gratitude not only helps to quiet our mind and open our heart, but it also helps us establish a deeper connection to the vitality of life.

It’s Time For New Beginnings

This springtime energy is emerging and new beginnings are alive in the air. But how it unfolds for you, is really up to you.

What you do during this fertile time can set a trajectory into your future. New beginnings are always possible, however there’s an incredible opportunity during the spring to align yourself with the cycles of nature to support you in your new beginnings.

Take advantage of it!

What seeds will you plant this spring that will grow into your new beginnings?

Don’t try to think about it too much. Just feel into the vibrant spring energy, feel it resonate inside you and let it inspire you. Without grasping with your mind, hold some questions such as:

What new beginnings do you aspire for?

How do you want to feel?

What do you wish to create?

What does your heart call you towards?

Spend time in nature. Feel the spring energy awakening inside you.

Sit quietly and reflect.

Allow the intelligence and vitality of life to align with the wisdom of your heart. Let that lead you to your journey of new beginnings this spring and create a momentum into the rest of your life.

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