Global Quietening – A Powerful Time For Peace And Heart

Empty Streets

There’s something incredible happening in the world at the moment!

And there are two sides to it.

In my previous blog post, 3 Tips To Avoid Losing Your Heart To Fear, I talked about the fear that’s spreading into the world in reaction to the new coronavirus, COVID-19. Possibly infecting more people than the virus ever will.

Driven by fear many people are becoming greedy – buying and hording more supplies than they need. Which means there are other people out there who are unable to buy supplies for themselves. Things they need to live now – not even “just in case”.

Of course, it’s not this extreme everywhere, but it is happening.

Fear will make us do and say things that go against the wisdom of our heart.

It’s important to understand that fear disconnects us from ourselves and from others, which puts us into a “me vs you” mentality. This is the foundation for conflict… and from this state of mind people act selfishly and without any consideration for others.

Have you noticed it? In yourself or in others?

Fear can be very contagious… which is why it’s so important at this time to find stillness and peace inside ourselves and stay connected to our heart.

Can you open your heart in the face of fear and world events?

Having said all that, I’ve also noticed there’s something else very important happening.

A global quietening

People are going into self quarantine, businesses and community centers closing, there are less cars on the streets, and with health officials recommending “social distancing” in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, the world is slowing down.

There’s a quiet in the air… and you can feel it!

For me it’s very tangible. That usual buzz, or background noise, of the world is becoming more and more quiet.

It’s beautiful!

Take a moment to feel it.

It feels good!

Introverts around the world are probably secretly smiling and celebrating. Quietly of course! ?

So, there’s a rare and powerful opportunity at the moment! Both for you, and for humanity.

Could you ever have imagined that the whole world, together, would slow down this much?

This Global Quietening is creating a wave of quiet around the world, making this truly a time to turn inwards, reflect, connect to our heart, and find stillness and peace inside ourselves.

There’s Even More!

What makes this moment in time even more potent, is that it’s happening over the Equinox.

Equinoxes are powerful transition times of nature, and as we’re all part of nature, we can ride the forces of nature to help us transition from where we’ve been to where we want to go.

We can take advantage of it to heal and open our heart by turning our awareness inward to do the inner work we need to do.

If you’ve been following me for a while you might have noticed I talk about this every time we approach the equinox. I do this because I care that you break through your personal limitations, connect with your heart and find peace in this life!

This does require inner work on your part. Sometimes the inner work is challenging, while other times are times of great opening.

With the equinox and this Global Quietening, now is a time of great opening!

Does this mean you don’t have to do anything?


You still have to do the inner work, but aligning with the forces of nature you tap into something much greater than yourself, which amplifies the work you do – helping you to move through limitations and open to greater depths of your heart.

Do not waist this precious time!

If you happen to have more time on your hands, like many people, what will you do with it?

Will you simply pass the time on meaningless things?… Or will you use this time to deepen your relationship to your heart?

There may never be such a Global Quietening aligning with an equinox like this again!

At least not until more and more of us have anchored peace and stillness in our hearts in a way that ripples out into the world – creating a global quietening that comes from the inside.

This Global Quietening has seemingly been initiated by fear. But regardless of what started it, it’s here now… and it just happens to be over the equinox!

So, take advantage of it.

A peaceful and connected world will be a joint effort!

A peaceful and connected world will be the result of peaceful and connected people!

It all starts with the flame in your heart.

This is the vision of the Peacekeeper Project!

This is my purpose – to help you quiet your busy mind and ignite that flame in your heart.

Remember, like a room full of candles anchoring light into a dark room, your heart anchors peace and light into the world.

And just like all the candles in the room, you are not alone!

Each candle anchors some light into the room, but the light in the room is one.

The peace and light we anchor here together is one.

The world needs your heart to shine!

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