How To Clean Up The Environment Of Your Mind

I’d like you reflect on something.


But not in the way you might think.

Most of us understand the idea of environmental pollution. Some places in the world are worse than others, but in general it’s the pollution of our air, water and earth, and ultimately the food we eat, with substances that don’t support human life to thrive… or any life for that matter.

If we consume too much contaminated water and food, if we breathe in too much polluted air, or surround ourselves with too much electromagnetic radiation, the health of our body will be compromised and will eventually become sick.

The environment we live in can make us sick.

That’s the way most of us will think about environmental pollution and its impact on our well-being. This is important, but let’s expand that understanding to include the environment of your mind.

Our thoughts and emotions, the stories and dramas that consume our awareness, our joys and challenges, our fears and traumas, our passions and aspirations, are all part of the landscapes of our mind – our inner environment.

Just as our external environment can make us healthy or sick, the environment of our mind can also make us healthy or sick.

Take a few moments to reflect on the environment of your mind.

What is it like living in there?

Is it peaceful, clear, open and joyful?

Is it stressful, overwhelming, turbulent or chaotic?

Is it a little of both? Or a lot of both?

But the question really is: What kind of environment do you want to live in?

Because you do have a choice!

Environmental Clean Up

Unlike the external world where the environmental cleanup will require the cooperation of many opposing forces, often corrupted by greed, big industry and conflicts of interest, the cleanup of the environment of your mind requires only you.

You can choose to do it.
You can choose to take action.
You can choose what you feed your mind.
You can choose to remove toxic emotional pollutants.

You can choose to nurture a space of peace and heart.
You can choose to cultivate more compassion and understanding.
You can choose to nurture more love and connection.

Just like you can learn to grow a healthy and nutritious garden of plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits in the external world, you can learn to cultivate the garden of your mind.

That’s not to say it will be easy… But it is a choice!

You might make mistakes.

You might discover parts of yourself you don’t like or were afraid of.

You might get really uncomfortable with feeling your own resistance to change.

But this is ok, because it all makes really great compost to nurture the growth and expansion of the landscapes of your mind… and what will grow out of this rich compost will be your heart.

And remember, the collective environment of humanity we live in is fed by the individual landscapes of each one of us. When you cultivate the landscapes of your own mind you help bring a little more heart into the collective.

This is the essence of a Peacekeeper.

Take time to go within, learn and grow.

The world needs your heart to shine!

Getting started

A great way to get started is by becoming more aware of what you feed your mind.

Be honest and discerning!

Start noting what things you allow in from the outside, and most importantly how do they make you feel? Does it nurture you to grow, or is it like a pollutant that drains you?

For example, do you feel anxious or depressed after spending time on social media? Is it social media in general, or is it certain people or pages you follow?

Or do you feel stressed and drained when you speak with certain people? Is it the person and their energy, or is it the topic of conversation? Maybe both?

Also start paying attention to what you feed your mind from the inside – thoughts, emotions, stories and dramas… and again note how they make you feel. Note how much time and energy you give to emotional reactions.

Remember, there’s no need to judge your emotions and experiences as good or bad, right or wrong… just become aware of what’s happening inside you. This is a journey of self-discovery – you’re exploring the landscapes of your mind.

Once you’re aware of what you feed your mind and how it affects you, the you have the power of choice… continue polluting your inner environment or clean it up.

Nurturing The Garden Of Your Mind

One aspect of this process this inner environmental clean-up is the removing the pollutants of your mind, and the other is nurturing and cultivating its fertile terrain.

Practices like meditation and mindfulness cultivate stillness, peace, presence and heartness.

Journaling and deep reflection offer deep insights into who we truly are and help us identify and let go of habitual limitations.

Learning something new inspires growth and enthusiasm.

Curiosity – this is the magic ingredient that helps make it all work. An attitude of joyful curiosity will engage your heart and mind with openness.

You’re Not Alone

I created the Peacekeeper Project to help us achieve this together. I have various resources on my website that I’ve created to help you along the way. Please take some time to explore and use them to nurture your inner growth.

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