Healing the Inner Conflict to End Hate

With recent tragic events such as the mass shooting in New Zealand and the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka I’d like to highlight something fundamentally important on a human level.

When we feel anger, frustration or inner conflict, we will look for ways to justify how we feel by creating it in the world around us. Think about how often you justify your own actions or emotions.

The shooter would have felt completely justified in his actions. But justifying something in our mind does not make it right.

The danger in justification is that we disconnect from our heart and what we know is right, to make us feel better, but this ultimately disconnects us from our inherent sense of humanity. Once this happens, people are capable of doing horrific things. This shooting in New Zealand and the bombing in Sri Lanka are only two examples, but there is violence and tragedies like this happening all around the world.

It’s natural to feel the pain of such a tragedy, but before we judge anyone’s actions, it’s important to understand why this is possible, because understanding leads to compassion and healing, but hate only fuels more hate and violence.

We have to break the cycle!

Our inner state of mind defines how we react to what’s happening around us.

Think about when you’re stressed, anxious or frustrated. How do related to the people around you? Do you feel connected or disconnected?

Disconnected right?

You’re more likely to react to others and get into a disagreement, argument or fight.

This is not about labelling it as right or wrong, but making your own inner realization of the consequences of acting from a disconnected state. At some point we’ve all said or done things we regret, and reflecting on those times is an opportunity to cultivate deeper self awareness by recognizing what happens inside you – the internal environment that allows you to act like this.

When we’re disconnected from our heart, our mind will find a way to justify anything to temporarily sooth us and make us feel better, but this only continues to feed the inner turmoil, which then guides our actions, leading to violence.

The solution

Find peace and stillness inside us, to reconnect with our heart.

The Dalai Lama said:

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace within our self.”

As long as there is conflict, turmoil and war inside us, there will always be conflict, turmoil and war in the world. Our actions and words are an expression of what’s happening inside us.

When we can heal our own inner conflicts, emotions and reactions we stop adding to the collective conflict. We then become capable of bringing more peace into the world.

This is why I created the Peacekeeper Project. To help create a global community of Peacekeepers – People who live from the heart. Individuals who know what peace is, from the inside and can shine this in the world.

The world needs you to rise above the chaos of your ordinary mind and live from your heart.

Will you listen to your heart?