Live Peace Meditation – Online

Now is a time when the world needs more stillness and peace.

In response to current global events I’ve added more Live Meditations to help us all stay connected to our hearts and each other during these uncertain times.
Join us as we quiet our busy mind, open our heart, connect in stillness with others around the world, while we anchor peace here and now for all.

These meditations are Free for everyone!

Join us for one or all of these next sessions.

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We do have the potential and inner resources to help make the world a more peaceful and connected place, but it all starts with that flame of peace in your heart!
Group Meditations

The internet allows us to access the power of groups in meditation in way that connects us around the world. When groups of people come together in stillness, it creates a powerful sense of connection and healing not just for the people present, but also for the world.


Learn more about the vision of the Peacekeeper Project here.
These drop in group meditations are for anyone with an aspiration to drop out of their head, into their heart, and contribute to the uplifting of humanity.
*No experience necessary. All levels welcome.
Invite your friends or family – where ever they are.

Class Format

The meditation will go for about 25 minutes.

The 10 – 15 minutes following the meditation for Q&A (optional). If you have any questions (I love questions!) about meditation, your experiences or the Peacekeeper Project, I’ll stay online to answer them.



Please join the call a few minutes early so you can be settled and ready when the meditation begins.


What you’ll need:
  • An internet connection or phone
  • A cushion or chair to sit on
  • A quiet space where you will not be disturbed
  • An aspiration to quiet your mind and awaken your heart


These meditations are Free.

All times are Vancouver Pacific Time.

*Once you register you will receive a link to join the meditation.

If you don’t receive the email with a link, please check your junk mail.


“Hi Ben. Thank you so much for this meditation group and sharing this peacekeeper project. I had a very profound experience this evening. I spent most of the meditation in tears. I was absolutely bathed in love and loved myself. I have not felt or sensed that for years. It was so natural and easy. There was nothing to do but just be. It is quite an experience to not have to work at or think a sensation of feeling – it just is.”

– Susan Lee Woodward



Can’t make these ones?… That’s ok, there’ll be more to come.

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