The Heart of a Peacekeeper

A 12 week journey of inner transformation.

Join a small group of like-minded people on a deep journey into the stillness, clarity and power of the heart.

Step into your heart!

The Heart of a Peacekeeper is Live Online Program for people who are ready and willing to commit to 12 weeks of deep inner work with a small group of committed people, to move beyond limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviours and step into the stillness, clarity and power of the heart.


Peacekeeper Online course

The Power of Heart in the Age of Stress and Distraction

Our awareness is constantly being pulled outward into the external world and our mind is consumed by never ending thoughts, emotions, stories and dramas. As a result, we’re becoming stressed, anxious and sick, we’re losing the ability to focus, we’re feeling more isolated and alone, while becoming disconnected from the people we care about.

The last year of lock-downs and social distancing haven’t helped!

The solution is a return to the heart!

Not in a vague or abstract way, but a grounding into the stillness, clarity and power of the heart. Your heart has incredible wisdom – it knows how to navigate the world, people and challenging circumstance.

How do we anchor into our heart?

By turning inward, learning to navigate and process our emotions, quietening the noise in our mind, understanding the true values of our heart, and connecting deeply with other like-minded people with the same aspiration.

This 12 week program has been created to do just this. It will be a deep journey of self-discovery, healing and awakening that will revolve around four main pillars.

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience.
Understanding the true values of your heart.



“To the mind that is still, the universe surrenders.”

– Lau Tzu


The ability to quiet our busy mind is needed now more than ever!

We will always be confronted by people, events and situations that we don’t like, are uncomfortable or painful, or things we don’t want to deal with. But these things don’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. What makes them feel stressful and overwhelming is our mind and how we respond. This means, if we take time to train our mind then we can choose how we respond to the events that come our way.

Over 12 weeks you’ll learn various techniques of meditation and mindfulness that will help you reduce stress and anxiety, while increasing clarity, calm and self awareness. Most importantly, by learning to quiet your busy mind and connecting to the stillness inside yourself, you’ll naturally feel a grounding into your heart and a stable sense of your own presence integrating into your everyday life.

Practicing meditation and mindfulness is one thing but making them work is another. As a group we will explore the many challenges that present themselves on the road to stillness so you can understand how to make your practices effective.


Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

One of the challenges to connecting to the heart in a stable and grounded way is knowing how to navigate our emotions. Emotions are extremely powerful, and if we don’t understanding them and know how to own them, then they will own us.

Stepping into the heart requires emotional intelligence and resilience.

During this program you’ll cultivate a deep understanding of what your emotions truly are and how to navigate them. You’ll learn how to work with your emotions and tap into their power, instead of your emotions taking you for a ride.

On your way to emotional intelligence and resilience (emotional alchemy), you will deconstruct self limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that create the disconnection from your heart in the first place.


Values of the Heart

There are aspects and qualities of your heart expressing themselves all the time in your day-to-day life. Some you might recognize, but unfortunately, most of the time you probably don’t even realize it, because they’re mixed up and enmeshed with the rest of your emotions, thoughts and busy mind.

This is why stillness and emotional intelligence is so important… They help bring clarity.

Through the Heart of a Peacekeeper Program you’ll not only learn to identify these important values as expressions of your heart, but you’ll also use them as a pathway to reconnect and anchor into your heart.



Connection is at the essence of who we are. It’s a foundation of the heart. It’s the essence of unity.

Deep in our heart we feel our underlying connection to each other and all things. When we feel connected there’s a sense of meaning, support, and belonging to something greater than ourselves.

There is power in a group of people coming together with a collective commitment to personal growth and self discovery. The path of healing and awakening has many joys as well as many challenges, and being part of a group like this can bring profound levels of support that we often underestimate.

Everyone’s path is unique, each person has their own work to do and challenges to face, but we’re not alone! We share a commonality – we’re on a path to the heart.

I’m always amazed and inspired by the level of learning and support that comes through the sharing of each person’s stories and experiences in groups like this. Although we face our own stories, we’re ultimately leaning to navigate universal principles that we can all relate to.

Connection is a fundamental aspect of this program.

The connection that grows over the 12 weeks within the group creates a direct path into your heart.

If you’ve felt the negative impacts of a lack of connection due to lock-downs, social distancing and isolation this last year, then these 12 weeks will be deeply healing for you!

We often don’t realize the power of connection, until it’s gone. But this means we have the opportunity to discover a new appreciation and understanding of it.

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”

– Rumi

Connection, Support & Giving

Your Growth Becomes and Incredible Giving!

This is not only about receiving support but also being part of the support. Your committed presence and strength in the space is a giving that supports the group. To share your experiences with others and hold space for others as they share, is a giving that supports and strengthens the whole group.

When we share our challenges and realizations with others in the group it provides incredible knowledge and understanding for all participants. Often these lessons reflect similar challenges that others share (helping us realize we’re not alone), while helping others to identify limiting patterns and behaviours they may not have recognized on their own.

We grow through our own challenges and realization.

We grow by sharing them with others.

We grow by listening and holding space for others.

The expression “The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”, describes the powerful potential of transformation available when a group of people come together with a shared goal.

This kind of giving brings forward parts of our heart that we may not connect with otherwise.

Learning to live from the heart in a world that can hurt is challenging. Trying to do it by yourself can be even more difficult.

The Heart of a Peacekeeper Program has been designed to create a deep sense of connection to support your inner transformation.

The World Desperately Needs More People with Heart

Heart symbol


The world needs Peacekeepers!

A Peacekeeper is not someone else!

A Peacekeeper is someone who:

  • Seeks peace from the inside rather than just an idea.
  • Seeks understanding and truth rather than conflict and trying to prove a pre-held belief.
  • Realizes they’re part of something greater than themselves (humanity) and desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others.
  • Realizes their outward actions are a result of their inner state of mind, and so strive to maintain the integrity of their words and actions.

You’re part of a bigger picture!

The conflict and turmoil in the world is a reflection of the conflict and turmoil inside us. When you resolve the conflict and turmoil inside yourself and step into your heart, then you naturally bring more heart into the world. This ripple effect touches your family, friends and ultimately humanity.

You do have the inner resources and potential to help make the world a more peaceful and connected place!

The world needs you to step into who you truly are.



The Heart of a Peacekeeper Program is deeply transformative, but it’s not a magic pill.

This program is for people who are ready and willing to commit to 12 weeks of deep inner work and personal growth in a small private group of like-minded people.

It’s a commitment to yourself – to do the inner work needed. What you personally get out of this program will be a reflection of what you put into it.

It’s a commitment to the group – your presence and participation adds to the supportive energy of the group. This doesn’t mean you always have to feel 100% to support the group. It means that whatever you happen to be going through, you join the classes with honesty, openness, possibly vulnerability, and a willingness to grow.

This is how connection works. Your personal growth, and that of your fellow participants, helps to create the web of support for everyone’s journey.

This is for you if you’re ready to:

Understand and transform your emotions.

Deconstruct the limiting beliefs that have held you back.

Discovering your true values as an expression of your heart.

Connect with and support other like-minded people in the group.

This is not for you if you’re:

Not ready to acknowledge and feel your emotions.

Not willing to question your beliefs and discover truth.

Not willing to do the practices to cultivate your mind.

Not ready for deep and open conversation.

Program Details

Live Sessions

Tuesdays: 6:00 – 7:30pm (Pacific Time)

All session will be held live on Zoom. Sessions will also be recorded and available to watch again on your own time.


Limited Numbers

Numbers will be limited to maintain a small intimate and connected space.


Support Between Live Session

Between live calls you will have access to a private group chat.

This group chat offers a place to stay connected with your fellow participant, ask question and share challenges and successes, as you apply the weekly lessons to your daily lives.

*Please note this group chat is not on Facebook. On feedback from previous offerings people prefer not to use Facebook.



March 23 – June 8



One single payment of $347 US


3 monthly payments of $127 per month

Ready to join?

If you feel your heart responding and called to join this transformative journey, please email me at to express your interest or ask any question.

If we’ve never met before I’ll organize a time to chat with you so we can get to know each other.


Spring is a time of growth and awakening

Align yourself with the forces of nature this Spring for 12 weeks of inner growth, awakening and anchoring into your heart.
March 23 – June 8

*Numbers limited.