Deepening Into Stillness

A Meditation Workshop Aligning With The Cycles Of Nature

Wednesday December 1st

“To the mind that is still, the universe surrenders.” – Lau Tzu


A large part of meditation is about cultivating stillness. Which is ultimately about stepping into the heart.

This connection is important because our heart is the essence of who we truly are, and our heart has a very intimate relationship to stillness.

The more we feel stillness, the more we reconnect to our heart. And the more we connect to our heart the greater we feel stillness. A virtuous circle.

But it’s more than just connecting to stillness. At a certain level of depth, it’s a remembering… A remembering of something you already know deep in your heart.



One of the greatest teachers of stillness we have, is nature!

While nature expresses stillness all the time, there are special times when nature expresses it to a greater degree… and because we are part of nature, it’s during these times that we have an incredible opportunity to deepen into to stillness and our heart.


Workshop timing: Aligning with the internalizing cycles of nature

The timing of this workshop has been chosen specifically to take advantage of a very special phase of the year that only happens for a very short time. It’s a converging of three cycles of nature… and each cycle will be entering their most internalized time. The time when they express the greatest stillness.

We are at the most internalizing time of the seasons as we approach the winter solstice, and at the time of this workshop we’ll be just before the new moon while also entering the quiet of the night just after sunset.

This means there will be an amplifying of stillness that we can align with!

The workshop will start with an in-depth talk followed by Q & A, where you will learn more about these phases of nature and how to align with them. This will be followed by the most important part – bringing the knowledge to life within yourself through practices and meditation.


This is for you if you’d like to:

  • Deepen your meditation practice.
  • Feel stable and grounded in your heart.
  • Understand your connection to nature and why that matters.
  • Be able to align with the wisdom of nature to cultivate greater stillness inside yourself.
  • Reconnect to the sense of home in your heart.


What you will need:

  • An internet connection.
  • A space you can sit quietly (we will be meditating).
  • Curiosity!

*The workshop will be held over Zoom. Once you register you will receive your link to join.

**Please join a few minutes early so we can be sure to start on time.

Wednesday December 1st

6 – 7:30pm Pacific Time

Cost: $15

If you have any questions please email:


Quiet your mind. Live from your heart.