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Workplace Wellness and Productivity

The well-being of your employees is the well-being of your business.

No matter what your business is, it is the individuals within this business that bring it to life!  My intention is to help create a shift the mindset of how organizations and companies understand the relationship between investing in the wellness of their employees and investing in the success of the organization. In doing this, your business has a greater impact in the world than you might realize.

Consider the following:
  • Stress has been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health Organization and is estimated to cost American businesses up to $300 billion a year. “ 1
  • “66% of employees report that they have difficulty focusing on tasks at work because of stress .1
  • People’s minds wander up to 46.9% of the time, regardless of what they were doing.
  • 63% of workers worldwide are disengaged. A further  24% are considered “actively disengaged.” That’s a staggering 87% of employees not engaged at work! This means they are unmotivated, unhappy and unproductive and liable to spread negativity to coworkers. 3

Fatigue, stress, pain and discomfort are major factors that lead to a lack of motivation, diminished focus, increased errors and more sick days.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Studies show that meditation improves productivity by increasing focus, attention and the ability to multitask. It has also been shown to improve memory, enhance creativity and thinking outside the box, 4 as well as improve immune function. 5

The well-being of each individual is reflected in the quality of their work and performance.

When we are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy we perform more efficiently. We are more adaptable, we make fewer mistakes, are less susceptible to sickness and can maintain focus and concentration for longer periods of time without succumbing to fatigue. We are happier and friendlier 4, which creates a more supportive community and work environment.

Creativity and Problem Solving

Meditation has been shown to improve creativity and problem solving abilities by reducing cognitive rigidity. Non-meditators tend to have a more rigid approach to solving problems, applying difficult or outdated solutions to simple problems based on their past experiences. 6

Research shows that meditation reduces cognitive rigidity, allowing a more creative, flexible and adaptive approach to problem solving. 7

An average ROI for an employee wellness program is $3.40 for every $1 spent, according to Canadian consulting firm, WorkingWell. 8

Wellness for Executives

Meditation and mindfulness is not only for employees. Many of the most successful executives and CEOs understand the importance of health and mindfulness 9, and studies demonstrate that the mindfulness of leaders has a positive influence on employee well-being and performance. 10

Wall Street Billionaire Ray Dalio, founder and CEO of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, has been meditating for 42 years and says,”Meditation, more than any other factor, has been the reason for what success I’ve had.”

See more CEOs who swear by meditation here.

What motivates people to give their best?

Think of a family or community that cares for each other. A workplace with connection like this not only elevates each individual, but creates a sense of workplace community, and like a family there is deep connection and commitment to everyone’s success. Individual success is not separate from the family, community or business success.

Yes, I am suggesting that your business or company can be a community with deep connection. The results being a place where people enjoy coming to work, morale is high, there is a feeling of safety, warmth and support, in turn facilitating greater focus and productivity.

Conflict Resolution

How much time is wasted in unnecessary emotional conflict? Whether conflict comes from a difference of personal opinion during a problem solving meeting or clashes of personalities, conflict is something that results from emotional reactions and disconnection.

Calm and clear resolution is something that comes from mindfulness and emotional intelligence. This does not mean there will never be disagreements or heated discussions, however when people are more connected and in a clearer state of mind there is more openness and willingness to find the best result, as opposed to stubbornness and resistance.

Your business can have a far greater impact in the world than you realize

The Peacekeeper Project is dedicated to the uplifting of humanity, and as a business you are in a position to make a major contribution, and you don't have to do anything more than what has already been described.

When you invest in the wellness of your employees or team, it is a giving that reaches far beyond the workplace. Your employees have friends and family, and the effects of meditation and mindfulness ripple out into the community via these connections.

  • Greater personal health and happiness
  • Physical, mental and emotional freedom
  • Improved family and social relationships
  • Increased vitality
  • Sense of calm
  • Parents being more present for their children
  • Parents being able to play with their children because they are free of chronic back pain
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